Lockdown 15 Day Extension!What Now?

Learn A New Language & Way To CommunicateCreate A Better Relationship with Others & Yourself Increase Love & AbundanceUnderstand & Release Fear Create Anchors Of SuccessOk time to get serious This situation is reaching a peak in many areas and it will get worse before we begin to see real improvements. Fear is rising in many of us which is being released in some cases in less beneficial ways. The immediate reaction is survival and as panic has set some have lost sense of what we have to gain through this challenging time. As some of you may be aware I have been gong live Monday – Friday to support and to encourage positive motivation in others and am now in light of the 15-day lockdown extension am proposing an opportunity for everyone to participate in an actual 21 day cleanse starting from today Monday 23rd. I will be sharing with you some techniques from my 6 Step Programme to detox and refocus the mind, open up the perspective point you toward the road of success. Many are stuck in the energy of loss right now when there is much to gain. All you need is to commit to yourself in the best way. This could be a chance to start again, create a new dream and with the support around you as remember we are ALL IN THIS TOGETHER! If you are unable to make it at 12.00 pm I will be uploading the videos to Youtube and also sharing within support groups on Facebook.See You All Later & Please Like & Share !!#liveat12 #goinglive #changeyourlife

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