Just A Thought Virus Gate - Psychic In Lock down

Day 3 Lockdown & House Arrest

‘Bash it and it will move’ well actually this time it isn’t budging. I can hear grumblings daily from many who are constantly wish for change but are doing nothing to instigate it. So now a bigger force has taken charge. We have had the chance however many of us ignored what was right in front of us and the simplest solutions. We have chosen to battle and so now we have been presented with and are facing the biggest one of all. The minutes may feel like they are limping along as you become accustomed to the new boundaries put in place. The energy may feel restrictive and but in actual fact it is restorative. Trust in the plan as although we are walking down a foreign path right now it is the ‘right’ path to get us back on track. We were all given ‘maps’ of our personal territory from the time we were born and clear signs have been shown to us as to which road to take at given points. With that map, we were given the power of free will and even though some may have followed the directions many became impatient, have been tempted along the way by diversions and then chosen to take alternative routes as they seemed easier and a short cut toward a success. All the maps have now been confiscated and a new plan has been drawn out. If we trust in the plan and follow the guidance given we can make more headway and the short cuts taken in the past will be seen for what they truly are. Avoidance strategies and unnecessary delays. The winds of change are on their way and rebirth is happening so embrace it. Like the grass growing it can take time but once you stop watching you will notice that suddenly it needs cutting again. Spend some time reordering and putting things away or in fact clearing away. It will clear your mind, help to ease any confusion and may just discover the hidden map of your dreams. The relationships with others and ourselves are being renewed and very soon people will begin to walk hand in hand once more, happier and moving as a collective in the same direction. Everything can change in a moment so be the one first in the queue and grab it with both hands!

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