Day 2 Lockdown & House Arrest

A Short Story To Pass The Time…

Once upon a time there lived a lion who was fearless and strong.    He prowled the earth, stalking his prey that draining his victims leaving them unbalanced and insecure.

He continued to take until eventually all life around him became extinct.    Only burnt ashes remained and empty skins that reflected his selfish desires.

He roared and paced, searching for the peace that more nourishment would give him but there was no more to be had.

Very soon the sun ceased to shine and a raging storm flooded the earth.

Time passed by and his mane was tattered and raw as hunger caused his  his bones to become brittle.  Desperately in need he looked into the dark sky praying for salvation and just when he was certain  the end was night what looked like a star of hope was sent to him from the heavens to rest at his side.  It was a a tiny stem seed from the tree of life and as he gazed at it’s light, he was awakened by the voice of mother earth.

“Listen to my words and take heed.  This stem is a seed of inspiration, a gift of creativity.   It will give you the strength to begin again and as from now you can only move forward.   You have everything to be gained, so take that which is offered but only what you need to become strong again.     ONE LEAF IS SUFFICIENT!

As you are nourished, so will the leaf.   When it is returned to the earth, it will be able to grow again.  Man belongs to no one, as is the seed that must be shared.   Look into the face of your inner child and see the mirror of your ways.  The pain in your eyes of whom you have loved, the tears you have shed as the trust inside you has that has dissolved.”

The voice faded and the lion took his long needed meal.

Strength was regained as the rush of new growth absorbed the earth.  The sun opened an eye once more and the land was bright with optimism and creation.    He saw new life form and the sprouting of new awareness raise its head.

Time passed and he was fully revitalised, soon it would be time to return the gift.

However as that day drew nearer,  his thoughts brought back the voice of fear to his ears.   The fear of being without.

The day of reckoning dawned and he planted his life form back into the earth.  He walked away but was unable to look directly forward.  His thoughts were like a child lost inside.   Everyday he passed the growing tree all the time believing he had lost his strength.   Constantly he tested the leaves for stability.

Soon he couldn’t bear the looks of pity reflecting from the leaves and in a fit of aggression he tore at the branches, crushing them all .   Any unripened buds withered and died but still he shred until there was no hope of resurrection.

Suddenly a voice sounded from the heavens as thunder struck.   He turned away and fled shielding his ears blocking out any understanding and refusing the out stretched hands of help.   He began to run, panic tearing at his mane and desolation beckoning.     Suddenly he fell into a well of despair and the coldness blinded him.

Through the darkness, the star of hope shone on the shame faced shadow of a man.  He couldn’t lift his chin as the load weighed him down.

“You returned the gift but you did not let it grow,” the voice of the mother said.    “It is not possible to reap the crop without the harvest.   You are merely a lost seed seeking to lay down the roots of your existence.  Look at what you have destroyed.  Take the hands of whom can give you back faith and repair the damage that is the future.    Without faith you will never be found and the lost child within you never be free.”

What  Fears are being Triggered right now?

Within this time of worldly crisis the fear is breeding Greed’ and an irresistible craving to possess more of something (money, material goods) than we actually need.

The same as love it has the power to send alter our brain state provoking us to put aside our common sense and self-control.  

It can be likened to an addiction but simply resisting temptation is not always the answer as with certain triggers it will only resurface.

By suppressing the feeling and telling oursleves it is avoiding the issue being dealt with and it will continue to cry out for attention.  By ackn

Only by acknowledgeing the fear , understanding, recognising  and accepting the vulnerability it causes can we then find release.   

The fear is our creation so is it therefore within our control?

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