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Day 1 Lockdown & House Arrest

We may be on lockdown in some people’s minds ‘restricted’ but look at it from another perspective as a time to restructure. What have you been putting off doing as there wasn’t the time? Have you unfinished projects that you could now give at least 14 days’ focus? Even if it’s just clearing out the junk or reorganizing and untidy space in your home.  Take the time to consider anything you would like to achieve in the next couple of weeks and compile a wish list of goals. This pause in our daily routine is a major change for those people who follow a strict routine and never have the time to explore anything new. Well now is a perfect time! Create a list of goals and then break each one into 14 portions or steps toward completion.   The goals can be anything however keep them doable. It’s important to be expansive and have a dream however learning to be a fighter pilot or flying to the moon within that time frame maybe a little unrealistic.  Although if that is a big dream of yours then maybe the goal could be to do the research to become a fighter pilot or find places to train? Whatever takes you fancy that could be effective within the next fortnight is a productive way of using your time and even if you do not gain a certificate for your efforts or end up becoming the next fashion designer for ‘Liberties’ at least you could have either a completed product at the end, a new skill, or simply have gained more knowledge in a  subject that interests you. This is a chance to take a step forward and to begin to focus on something specific. To train your mind to have a positive outlook which will open your living space rather than only seeing the doom and gloom in the situation. We are lucky as although ‘lockdown ‘could be seen as imprisonment we are not having to follow the rules inside and have plenty of resources to pass the time.   We are all in the same position and could be seen that the universe is pressing pause. How many of you yearn for more time in the day? I know I do so make use of it!   Remember it is possible to manifest from nothing can you imagine what you could create if you were to add new skills to that knowledge. The most important thing is to have fun doing it as pushing yourself to achieve or do something that has little enjoyment will only add more restriction. First, make the list and then be in the moment if one day the goal changes or you feel that actually you would prefer to dos something else then do so. During the curfew hours, you have the opportunity to be the ‘soul’ influence of yourself and understand what your true desires and what is personally fulfilling to you. Being in isolation with the self is a way of reconnecting with who we are inside, sit with our reality, becoming aware of what we may have been missing and finding acceptance in what is…

Feel free to share with each other our own personal goal wish lists with each other to encourage others to join in.   At the end of the lockdown lest see what we all achieved?

I will be live to chat and offer spiritual guidance every day at 12.00 pm (Uk 11.00 am) and answer some questions. 

My 14 Day Goal Wish List

  1. Finish editing website
  2. Finish painting projects
  3. Clothes Alterations
  4. Complete editing tarot decks
  5. Complete editing meditations
  6. Detox
  7. Improve my Spanish
  8. Take some time for self-care
  9. Basically finish off as many things that I can

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