Just Another Mountain To Climb…

So life can be a challenge sometimes but imagine a life with no challenge at all? Imagine if all the mountains and uphill paths disappeared completely? If that truly was the case then there would be little to learn and an absence of glory. Where would that feeling be of fulfillment and success? How would we know if or when we had reached our peak or if there were peaks to reach? Without the emotional highs, where would those emotional highs be? They would be non- existent and our emotional learning would have little value. There must be two sides to create a balance in order to understand that there is a balance. A seesaw needs two people to create movement and for a successful toss of a coin, there must first be two differing options. We need both the light and the dark to create a new day just like there needs to be both sun and rain to create a rainbow. It is time to see the challenge as a necessary pathway to reach your goal. See it as an adventure rather than a battle by re-igniting your passion and get going with gusto.  Focus and reinforce the importance of your goal by renewing your sense of purpose and creativity. This will help you lift your spirits higher so that you can overcome and float high above the obstacles that seem to be hindering you right now.  You will soon see the peak insight and that it is much closer than you think. ..

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