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All In This Together

Lets Fight The Virus With Love!

Keep the virus spreading and clear your mind body and soul. ‘Disease’ is ‘Dis-Ease’ and if our well being is out of sync then it will be less immune to less desirable energies around us that wish to attack us.  Our thoughts are the triggers of our projections so keep them positive whilst we go through this-worldly transition. This crisis can be eased if we all work like a well-oiled machine, connecting and supporting each other with love and support.

The words from ‘High School Musical’ We’re all in this together! We are all human. Ok granted as individuals some of us may not have the same abilities be it emotionally or physically. We look different in appearance but we all know that at some point we will die, that the taxman is waiting and that we are all suffering from this infection that is spreading among us all now. We have a choice to feel afraid and shut the world out, or open up to a new perspective of what the true message is within this Viral Siege’.  There is always a reason and the reasoning behind this may seem unfair but it is ultimately a trigger of encouragement for us to reconnect with each other and create more balance.  We may not experience the same journey but we are all experiencing this worldwide pandemic. You have a choice today to allow the world in and share or remain within the greedy clutches of fear.  Control what you able right now and make the change. It’s easy just turn the handle of your mindset and walk out into the sunshine. Feel the connection that the universe has created, that bonds us together forever. Let those who love you lend a helping hand and give a piece of your heart to a stranger.  We may be unable to alter the situation but we can alter the way we deal with it.

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