Take Control By Being In The Flow…

Take control of your own happiness by letting go of the struggle and fight. Let things come to you and manage them in the relevant order as they present themselves. This is a confusing time but also extremely enterprising as the changes that are happening are part of a new cycle of events. Soon you will feel fighting fit and the perspective will seem easier but for now, it is about just doing what is necessary and spending each moment within the moment and enjoying whatever you are able. Doing things for the sake of doing things will not ease the pressure so make sure you are in complete agreement mind, body and spirit before you undertake any action. Over the next few days, you will feel a sense of relief taking place and a shedding of an old coat that has been part of you for much of your life. You may surprise yourself how you feel about things on an emotional level and also that some things just don’t have the ‘x-factor’ that they once did. It’s ok this is part of the new you the rebirth and with this new, you is leading you to a more progressive path. The way ahead is much clearer and meaningful so allow it to come in naturally…

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