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9th -15th  12.00 pm March 2020

On March 9th we welcome the ‘Full Worm Moon’ bringing with it the “unexpected’

Like all full moons we will be affected energetically, however, Virgo and Pisces will feel it the most.

This full moon is called the Full Worm Moon is a sign that spring is close and this one, has a dream-like energy which will encourage us to question what is our ‘ideal’ in both love, home and career. The balance of life, in general, will be an issue to consider and where we invest our time and energy.

How extreme the changes are is irrelevant as its how we choose to deal with them that will be dependent on the outcome.

What does this moon mean for you?
What do you still need to let go of and what past life’ is affecting your future path right now?
What fears need to be released?
How can the energies of the moon help you progress?

This is an offer valid from 12.00 am on 9th -15th  12.00 pm March 2020

On payment of this offer, you are agreeing to our Terms & Conditions below. 

You will receive a gift similar to the image above and it is one gift per purchase.  Within the offer valid dates, you can order as many readings as you choose. 

The photo does not show the actual size, Colour may be slightly different due to the colour calibration of each individual monitor.

 Please, be patient! as delivery can take between 20 and 35 business days. If you have any questions or concerns please contact me so I can resolve the situation as soon as possible. 

Readings are normally completed within 48 hrs however at busy times it can take longer. You will be contacted if that is the case

If in the event that stocks run out I will contact you about a suitable replacement gift or a discount on another reading, therapy or product.

 Follow the link below to purchase a reading!

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