Accepting Change…

Many changes are happening and most of them unseen so remain strong as all the effort put in will be worth it. You are being shown a chaotic array of disillusion in some cases which causes the mind to turn against the positives. All of a sudden a light will appear through the cracks so be aware of walking down an old and familiar path of dark temptation. This is not the time to give up but to stand within your power. The wind will alter the path very dramatically and the picture you are seeing will have a completely different setting. This will also be a new beginning and the best way forward so remember that some things are really out of your control right now. Be ready to accept and keep your energy open. Cleanse rather than torture and do whatever it takes to keep your spirits light then you will have the best experience of what is just around the corner. Loyalty is really your friend right now and if some are showing their true colors then be thankful you know now as they would not be the best choice of support in this new cycle. You are being guided. If a door slams then leave it shut! If a call isn’t answered then replace the receiver and if you have done everything possible then it is a sign to stop. Strength will come where you least expect and exactly at the right time. Allow your physical, mental and emotional self to purge itself of all the unnecessary and harmful influences. You will then be in the best shape to receive all benefits in the best way you can…

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