A Bird In Hand Is Better Than Two In A Bush…

The bird in hand right now is choosing to stay and if it wants to fly free it will, once you let go of your hold on it. If that is the case and returns to you, then you will know it was true. If however, it leaves its perch permanently then it was never yours to have in the first place. The birds that are in the bush may not as yet be in your hand but they are a representation of other options and if you chose to let go of hope you may as well just set fire to the bush completely. A bridge may have broken and the drop may seem deep but with the right tools, you can build a new and shinier bridge. You could even opt to build it in an alternative location that has stronger foundations. You may not have an army of men to help take on the responsibility of the task in hand but that is because you have the ability and strength to do it alone. Once you find the perfect place and surroundings, the gap between banks will seem shorter and once you walk across the new bridge you will discover a place where many birds will wish to settle. On the one hand, it would be good to just give up if the pressure is too much but on the other hand, you may see a great nest egg emerging…

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