Three Little Pigs; The Moral To The Story

Three once was a story about three little pigs. Similarly, there are individuals who may be unemployed although keep the house in order, do the laundry, check the accounts and make sure bills are paid on time. They cook the evening meal for the family, listen to the woes of their loved ones daily even staying up through the night to see to their needs. Smile through adversity and pull things together when the going gets really challenging normally turning things around at the last minute. These are the individuals who often have the blame laid at the door or carry the responsibilities constantly when it is someone else’s to carry. So what is positive about that sort of life? Well, the answer to that is that if a wolf were to come knocking at their door it is safe to say that these individuals would have the understanding to build a house out of bricks rather than straw or sticks..

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