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Every Cloud Has A Silver Lining… 22nd February 2020

Over the last week or so I feel like I have been going from one storm to another even though the sun has been constantly shining above me. Through the challenges, I have been given some wonderful glimpses of hope, love, and support. I opened up and received, I stopped trying and have discovered action and I have seen clearly in my darkest moments the angelic guidance shining through. Yesterday, I found myself screaming at the universe to ‘just get on with it’ and ‘to give me a break, pleeease!! Lol,’ I’m sure you have all been there. The events of the last few days were really taking their toll and I had just about got to the end of my tether and then a couple of random acts of kindness put me back on track. I attended a music event in my local areas with a wonderful band the ‘Altoonas’ at a local bar ‘the Blue Parrot’ and was telling a friend about a specific dilemma I had and she solved a problem with a kind offer. It was such a surprise and such a thoughtful gesture it really lifted my spirits and helped me release at least one burden. The evening turned out to be a great one for me to let my hair down with some very special people, so I’m grateful for that and also the unexpected anniversary gift I received at the end of the evening. So my message to everyone is that sometimes, yes, we do feel like there are clouds circling our heads and birds of doom nesting in our hair. Things feel hopeless and whichever way we look at a problem we become more and more confused and entangled in our thoughts. Mercury in retrograde can feel like this in general but this one more so than normal. Not only are the communication signals all over the place but with Pisces performing wheelies in our psyche, not only are the birds nesting but they are building new ones and multiplying. The good news is that through the gloom there are various clues leading to lighter times, synchronicities and spontaneous events that will all lead to our wishes being fulfilled. This is a time of change and change for the better so enjoy the experience as it will bring great learning and if you pick your way through the debris you may just find a diamond in the rough. Be aware of the angelic energies showing themselves to you in the form of numbers or a random gift of kindness is shown to you. Have you noticed when you glance at the clock you see double numbers, 11.11, 16 .16? Or when you feel at your lowest a random person offers help or a sense of hope when you least expect to lift your spirits? These are the signs that the universe has your back no matter what and whatever you are facing will pass and you will overcome the challenges in your path. Realise, most importantly that we are ALL affected right now as we are All under the same planetary influences and on the SAME planet. We are all connected energetically in some way as if we were not we would be unable to experience these wonderful miracles and connection of the ‘dots’. The new moon in Pisces on Sunday will bring new confidence, expansion of dreams and heightened intuition use this to your advantage. See every day this week as a new adventure and enjoy the twists and turns. You may sometimes feel that there is no way out, that your path has been blocked that a situation is hopeless but this is actually just a gateway to another level. It’s very similar to a game of dungeons and dragons so enjoy the playtime while you can. Life is just one big playing field after all and when you view things with that perspective you will see a very big win ahead!!

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