Rehearsal Is Knowledge…

Sometimes we are asked to look at things from a different perspective. Even though it seems that only dark clouds cover the sky look at that coverage as the stage curtains that are waiting to be drawn to reveal a spectacular performance. A unique show of magnificence and colour like you have never before seen. See any situation as the beginning of a long run that will sell out to audiences far and wide and guess what? You are the star. Like all productions, the practice is needed to create excellence and the foundations and structures are needing to be built to ensure long term success. For that to happen timing is of the utmost importance. The actors must be sure of their lines and direction to portray the story, the set must be built and secured safely to create the right ambiance and the required promotion and marketing options need to be maintained in order to fill seats and until all these things are ready the curtain is unable to go up. All this darkness and doom and gloom around is merely rehearsal time for the big first night and if you are as ready as you should be by now, with the knowledge you have required then you are heading for a fantastic after-show party. So let’s raise our glasses and watch the performance of our lives!! 

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