Psychic Diaries – February 20th, 2020

All In Good Time

In all my years of working as a psychic, probably the most frequent question I get asked is ‘when will I find my soul love?’ and my answer is something like ‘when the universe decides’, ‘when the time is right for all concerned’ or ‘it’s all down to the divine’. You see everything has to be in the perfect place for the miracle to occur. Its all very well if ‘you’ yourself are ready but if the other person in question has decided to go A.W.O.L then its literally a matter of time until they are available. I use the word decided as we all have a ‘choice’ as to when we are ready, when we are fully healed or ready to receive so it’s a case of heart paths crossing at the best time to make that connection. So, I hear you saying but ‘what if I make the wrong choice?’ well that’s when the universe takes hold and we need to suspend our belief and trust that if something is ‘destined’ or ‘divine’ that somehow we will be guided to our perfect destination. Again, I hear you saying ‘if it is destined that we meet and the universe steps in, then why let us waste time in taking the wrong direction and my answer is quite clearly ‘how do you know it is or was the wrong direction. When a jigsaw comes together all the pieces have to fit and when in the manufacturing stage the edges are formed just so this can be achieved. If our individual lives have already been mapped out then maybe, just maybe the twists and turns, challenges and pitfalls were placed in our path on purpose? All these challenges are part of our learning and without them maybe we wouldn’t be where we needed to be or in the right frame of mind to connect in the best way with our true love.
Today is a reminder of that destined path as if I hadn’t been guided or should I say ‘pushed’ toward a certain place of work I may never have met my husband. I was in a place of loss, no money, living in a small box room in a pretty much sad place and needed to find work. I had debts to pay and only a few precious belongings to my name. I had been part of a small ‘partnership’ business doing healing therapies and training but we had gone our separate ways and although I could still work from home, it wasn’t consistent enough to pay my way.
Now most of you know me to be a ‘go-getter’, nothing really holds me down for too long and even then, I was prepared to find employment anywhere so I could find my feet again. I have worn many hats over the years and I knew I could put my hand to something, anything just so I had some cash flow for the time being. So, the search began but I was blocked at every turn, either an interview didn’t happen, my calls were not returned or the jobs listed were suddenly unavailable. I even went so far as having a start date and on that very morning was informed the role no longer existed. It was like playing bat and ball, I was the ball and the universe was batting me backward and forwards. There was one place that came up but it was only part-time and I really needed or ‘thought I needed’ a full-time position to cover my living costs. As the days went on though, my options dissolved until I had little choice but to take the part-time post. Although I resisted for as long as I could, feeling it was all wrong I am so happy I did as that was where I met my husband to be. He came in for a drink on the very shifts that I was there and although I wasn’t looking, let’s just say he found me and now 17 years later we are celebrating our wedding anniversary. It is not only a celebration of our lives and love together but also proof that sometimes the control is out of our hands and we just need to allow the universe to do its thing!
So if any of you are still searching for love then may its time to stop resisting and start receiving!

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