Taking A Chance On Love…

So take a chance today and step outside that snug little box you have grown to love so much. You are growing so you may feel it getting a tight squeeze. Like ‘Alice’ have a sip of the bottle named drink me or a piece of the delightful slice of cake on offer that says’ eat me’ and see what happens you may just find yourself fitting in much better into a different situation. As the seasons change we change our wardrobe. Gone are the summer outfits and income the jumpers and scarves. Why not just kit yourself out with a new wardrobe while you at it. This is an opportunity for the new and improved you and the one you have always aspired to be. Why not put on a new shade of lippy (if you wear it) or a new hairstyle. It’s not about what is in’ within the fashion world more about what is in’ with you. Create your own brand and go outside and model it first hand for the world to see. You are a caterpillar that is finally emerging from the chrysalis. So spread your wings and soar…

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