Anything Is Possible…

A ship can sail for miles and because of the tidal movements, it can longer than planned to reach a destination. Stepping out alone, voicing your truth or making known a personal desire opinion can seem like a wasted journey because of the rocky reactions or waves of influences around us.
Just contemplating the storm ahead can cause us to remain safely in the harbour and wait for calmer weather conditions. That is ok if the trip is only postponed rather than cancelled altogether.
Remember that the forecast can change in an instant just like our minds and what you perceive one minute may a completely different perspective the next.
Focus on the journey moving forward rather than the seconds it takes to get there or the hurdles that may or may not occur along the way. Watching a clock restricts the pace so keep your eye on the destination that maps out your soul’s desire. That way you will flow with the tides, ride the highest waves and experience a life’s voyage of fulfilment…

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